Debandada morphs into Gorgeous Creatures

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Welcome to the new Gorgeous Creatures (formally Debandada Cowhide & Possum Fur) blog. I guess that the biggest news so far this year is that we are doing a complete re-brand including a name change and a whole new fresh look and feel. So within a few weeks the website will change to reflect this new branding. New business cards are being printed and new signage commissioned.
new gorgeous creatures logo

Why are we changing our name? Well the name Debandada has always been a bit difficult to say, spell and remember. Debandada is Portuguese for “Stampede” and suited us back in the days when we only sold cowhide rugs.

Even though Debandada is actually a phonetic name (say it like you read it), because it wasn’t English, people seemed to doubt themselves and fancy it up to sound a bit French or Spanish, or they simply stopped half way through the word, stuttering and looking a bit embarrassed. After nearly six years my own mum couldn’t even say it properly every time!

And if someone can’t remember, say or spell your business name then they can’t refer their friends or business colleagues to you, and that’s not good! Or even find you again!

We weren’t getting mentioned in magazine as much as we would like even if our cowhide or possum fur was pride of place in the middle of a beautiful photograph of a room setting, most likely because there was doubt as to the spelling of the brand name (or the owners simply couldn’t remember).

So other than the say/spell/remember issue, we are also selling so much more than just cowhide now. So that’s another driving point behind the name change.

So a fresh start for a new decade. Onward and upward for us here at Gorgeous Creatures.


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