So what is a cowhide stitched rug?

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It is a rug made from pieces of cowhide sewn together with either straight or zigzag stitch and backed with a non-slip padded rug backing. Once upon a time the only designs that where available used simple squares sewn together, and this is still a popular look, however now there is so much more than can be done with the design of a cowhide stitched rug.

Black stitched cowhide rug from Gorgeous Creatures
Black stitched cowhide rug from Gorgeous Creatures

Some of my favourite designs use smaller rectangles laid up like brick-work or shapes that look like marble or wood paving. Strips of cowhide sewn together also look amazing, especially in pale beige and cream colours. And smaller 5cm squares look incredible using similar shades of all the same colour like shades of grey or shades of brown.

A cowhide stitched rug is a way of injecting some cowhide into your interior without having the natural cowhide shape. They are also great when a natural cowhide would not be big enough like under a large dining table or in a large lounge. Some people simply prefer the straight edge lines of a cowhide stitched rug as apposed to the natural curvy form of a natural shaped cowhide.

We have uploaded some photos to our photo gallery and samples will be in our showroom for viewing from the end of April onwards. New Zealand and Australian customers please contact us if you would like a quote for a cowhide stitched rug from Gorgeous Creatures.