Do you love the skin you are in? Or are you using another skin?

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This blog is just my own personal ramblings. This is NOT directed at the small percentage of the world’s population who are vegan, or vegetarian, or political animal rights activists.

It is directed at the majority of people who DO eat meat, wear leather accessories, and perhaps own a leather lounge suite, or have leather car seats and use all other various uses for leather in our daily lives.

But before we start I just want to say that I believe each person has the right to their own beliefs and opinions, just as I have the right to air my opinion. And that this blog is moderated and any rude or hateful comments will not be posted.

I grew up on a sheep & cattle station in the back blocks of Tologa Bay near Gisborne in New Zealand. I am probably more aware of where my dinner comes from than most people and the majority of people don’t want to be reminded where their steak, sausages, drum sticks, eggs or bacon comes from and that is okay.

I don’t want to be reminded either, and I am genuinely an animal lover. However I am philosophical and don’t have a problem with leather, I wear leather shoes; I have leather belts, handbags and wallets. I know for a fact that very little is ever wasted, and that leather is simply a by-product of food production.

The inspiration for this whole blog article has come from the occasional Facebook post on my Gorgeous Creatures NZ Facebook page or the odd comment by people who come into the Gorgeous Creatures showroom to the effect that, they don’t know how they feel about a cowhide rug with hair-on, or that fur is bad, or even that leather is bad.

To quickly set the scene, Gorgeous Creatures is an interior décor and gift shop that specialises in leather interior décor such as cowhide rugs, sheepskin rugs, calf skins, cowhide ottomans and NZ possum fur throws. We also have a range of NZ made possum merino knitwear on and we do have some vegetarian customers.

Overall the feedback is fantastic, but one persons Facebook comment made it clear that she didn’t like us using what she referred to as “dead animals” on our furniture. Stating that “faux fur is just as beautiful!!!!”

But when we looked at her personal Facebook profile she was wearing a faux fur jacket (we assume it was faux), but her partner in the photo was wearing a leather jacket. And to top it all off her Facebook banner image was the logo of Louis Vuitton, one of the world’s most famous LEATHER designers.

So we also assume that she must have a lovely leather shoe & handbag collection. So isn’t it insincere to make a comment like that when she uses leather and loves Louis Vuitton?

Most people forget that the leather we use every day comes from animals. And sheepskin rugs, cowhide or calf skins rugs are just leather without the hair removed. So the leather shoes on your feet and that leather handbag over your shoulder is only one tanning step away from being hairy.

And when I point this out to customers in the shop by saying “it really is no different from your leather shoes or handbag”, it seems like it has never really occurred to them before now and they see our products in a whole new more positive light.

So each person to their own choices and beliefs about leather or hair-on hide. I just wanted to make a few observations.

This is a moderated blog and I’m not interested in getting into a debate about the rights or wrongs of animal rights. That is a whole different conversation.


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