Possum merino wool gloves for touch screen devices

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We are happy to announce the arrival of new unisex possum merino gloves that use exclusive new technology knitted into the finger-tips of a plain possum merino wool glove that allows you to use touch screens on your smartphone, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, kindle, tablet etc. while still wearing your gloves.

This is the first time that this technology has been used in a possum merino glove and it really works! You must use the tips of the glove to tap and hold the screen and it only takes a split second to register the touch (don’t use the pad of your finger the technology is in the tip).

Finally we have a solution to the modern problem of how to answer your smart phone with your woolen winter gloves on, or how to use a tablet or kindle without removing your gloves. In the past we needed to rip off our gloves as fast as possible or we would miss a call, or we couldn’t even write a text without getting cold fingers and taking the risk of loosing the glove we just took off. 

And you can order them for NZ$35 from Gorgeous Creatures


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