Calf skins

Recent projects – Calfskin bar stools

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This year has been a strange one, more and more Gorgeous Creatures is taking on small specialist leather jobs like finding the perfect leather for an antique wine tasting table. And we are about to recover a 1960’s lip chair with calfskin as well.

We recently re-covered these gorgeous bars stools with chocolate brown and white calfskins. They look great with the dark oak wood and hairy calfskin contrasting well.

We have sourced the manufacturer of these actual bar stools and hope to add them to the website as a product early next year.

Calf skin bar stools


Christmas gift ideas for 2011

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Give the gift of a gorgeous creature from Gorgeous Creatures this Christmas.Kirsty Mason is the Christmas fairy

We have lots of great ideas for you, your friends or family. Who do you know that would love to receive a surprise gift from Gorgeous Creatures?

Give a cowhide rug:- Why not surprise your partner with a beautiful quality cowhide rug. This makes a wonderful joint gift for the whole family to enjoy. We have a new shipment that has just arrived of the very best quality cowhide rugs available in New Zealand and over 70 hides in stock right now.

Give a calfskin rug:- mini rugs for the hallway, entrance way or a child’s bedroom. My mum uses a calfskin under the TV hanging down in front of the TV cabinet and it looks great! Also drape calf skins over a chair or sofa.

Give calfskin baby booties:- So cute! For the little people in your life, warm and cosy calfskin outer with sheepskin lining, calfskin baby booties come in black & white, chocolate brown & white or tan & white in a variety of sizes from 6 months old to 24 months old.Calfskin baby booties

Give possum merino knitwear:- Great for overseas family and friends or give possum merino knitwear accessories like scarves, beanies, socks and gloves at Christmas time to people who love to ski and snowboard.

Two new rug shipments in the showroom now

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Cowhide rugs

We have just received a new cowhide shipment full of lovely black and white, chocolate brown and white and natural warm black cowhide rugs. There are a variety of sizes from quite small to nice and large. They will be uploaded to the new website as soon as possible but get in fast to have first pick of the new rugs. If you have been waiting for a particular colour please let me know and I can include your request in my next shipment.

Calf skins

Large New Zealand calf skins with longer hair have just arrived. This includes some rare black and white calf skins. In New Zealand most dairy cows are now a cross breed between Friesians and Jerseys. This is why so many of our dairy calves are chocolate brown and white, not black and white.