Decorating with mohair throws

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Decorating with mohair throws is about two main factors, texture and colour.  In the cooler months every home needs a beautiful mohair throw handy to drape over your lap when you sip wine in the as you sit outdoors on your deck catching up with friends. Or to cuddle up with your loved ones to watch a Saturday night movie.

Mohair throws are practical and pretty. Casually draped over the edge of a chair or sofa they add that homely touch that makes a house and home. Or on a bed a welcome reprieve to curl up under with the cat and a good book.

The really special thing about mohair is the way that the iridescent hairs take dye. The shimmering colours that you can achieve with mohair are like no other material except perhaps silk. Even the neural colours have a quality of visual texture that is beautiful.

Use a mohair throw as a contrast colour injection. Pick up accents of other colours in a room and reinforce with a mohair throw blanket. So if your sofa is a light colour go for a darker colour and if your sofa is a lighter colour then you can afford to go for a deep and rich colour. Even if you décor is all beige neutral consider a soft pink or blue to add some personality to the room.

Some of our best selling colours are Manuka taupe, Tamarind deep red, Glacier pale blue and Paper beige. Mohair throws are very light and easy to send overseas.


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