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How to see posts from the Facebook pages you like – simple settings to add to interests and get notifications

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So the Facebook rumours are true. Facebook now needs you to tell it which pages and content interest you the most. Liking a page is not enough anymore and you are probably only seeing 5-10% of the posts from your favourite pages. Don’t let Facebook control you, you need to control Facebook.

The fix for this is simple, first go to the page within Facebook that you already like, once on the page (for example the Gorgeous Creatures page) click on the little ‘cog’ icon with the downward facing arrow next to the word ‘liked’, this is at the top right just under the main banner image (also called the cover image) – see example photo below.

Facebook add to interests instructions

After you click the little ‘cog’ icon a drop down menu will appear, then select (tick) the first option which is ‘Add to interests’ lists’. Interests’ lists allow you to group your pages onto groups. For example some of my page interest groups include interior décor, photography and social media. Create a new list or add to an existing list. Just follow the on screen prompts.

The final step is to hover your mouse over the ‘liked’ word to the left of the cog icon (it says liked because you have already liked this page right?) and a drop down menu will appear. Tick both the ‘Get notifications’ and ‘Show in news feed’ options. These settings can be changed at any time.

Facebook get notifications instructions

I hope these instructions help. I know that I had lots of trouble finding a clear and simple explanation of these Facebook settings so fingers crossed they work for you too. So please like our Gorgeous Creatures Facebook page if you love interior décor, cowhide rugs, cowhide ottomans, possum fur throws and blankets and all things beautiful. We share really nice content from other pages like NZ House & Garden Magazine and which are both fantastic pages too. Happy Facebooking!